Interior Decor and Cushions for Homes

Benefits of Log Homes: Styling Your Cabin 

Log cabins are warm and sturdy; they are energy efficient, require little maintenance and aid in noise reduction; furthermore, a log cabin will also increase the net value of your property. Also, these units give great opportunity to DIY enthusiasts and amateur interior decorators. If you possess the required skills, you can well construct the cabin all by yourself or if not, a hired professional will do the job for you. However, once the structure is up, you may give free rein to your imagination. You can plan the furniture, the furnishings, your budget, decorations and so forth. For example, it's a great idea to use yellow and grey cushions on your sofa, couch, canapé, sedan, as well as on small beds. The colors yellow and grey will fittingly compliment the natural hue of the logs. Similarly, you can come up with many other inspiring ideas when decorating your log cabin.

Extra information about yellow and grey cushions

Normally, log cabins are associated with landscapes like forests, seaside, mountain valleys, etc. However, it is becoming more and more common to build log cabins in normal habitats, such as cities, suburbs, and so on---either as an addition to your main household or even, as a standalone unit.

Log Cabin as a Standalone Home

We are familiar enough with small, simple and rustic log cabins. However, thanks to enormous advancement in building standards in recent years, the architects today can easily build much bigger log houses complete with all modern amenities and features such as skylight windows and heated terraces. Further, the logs have great insulation properties which mean that living in a log cabin will bring down your heating and cooling costs by a considerable margin. And apart from the cabins being warm, sturdy, durable and facilitating an ecological lifestyle, they will also provide respite from common annoyances such as overhead airplanes, traffic, noisy neighbors and so on.

Log Cabins as Garden Units

You may also use a log cabin as an addition to your home. For example, you can add one in your garden to add a unique charm and style to the latter. In fact, you can use a log building as a guest room, a summerhouse, a garden office, a study or a sitting room. Separate from the main unit, the cabin will afford you seclusion and solitude that is often required and is especially valuable amidst the otherwise hectic and busy living style of this day and age.